iPhone Controlled Light Switch

iPhone controlled light switch for Smart Homes

iPhone Controlled Light Switch

Controlling and being in charge of your smart home with iPhone controlled light switch is the dream come through. By using a simple iPhone app to control lighting in your smart home, you will be able to manage effortlessly energy consumption from anywhere in the world.

With iPhone Controlled Light Switch you will…

  •  Be able to have lights in your home turn on automatically when you are in proximity
  •  Integrate motion sensors to provide hands-free illumination in the dark
  •  Program the lights on / off sequence and timing
  •  Combine the iPhone controlled light switches with other devices.

By integrating your lighting control with other devices like curtain control, heating control, door entry, home security and video and audio devices, you can create a true app controlled Smart Home. By using iPhone and any other mobile devices you could increase a security while away and present the whole house to look occupied.

Loxone Smart Home is an excellent choice for Iphone controlled light switch. The Loxone Smart Home is built to help not only with your light control, but also other aspects such as heating, curtain control, security system, and others By using Wi-Fi light switches app controlled by mobile devices you will instantly be able to monitor your smart home no matter where you are.

iPhone controlled light switch can make you smarter!