Smart WiFi Light Switch

Smart wifi Light Switch

Wifi Light Switch

Our WiFi light switch system control, gives you the power to remotely control all of your lighting by using android or smart phone app. WiFi light switch by iphone or WiFi light switch by android, controls all of your lighting from a single mobile phone app, wherever in the world you are.

We can even program your WiFi light switches to have mind of its own, allowing it to intelligently allocate lighting intensity automatically, depending on what part of the day it is and which room you are in at any one given time. The true value of app controlled lighting is in energy efficiency.

App Controlled WiFi Light Switch will enable you to have:

  • Total control of your lights from a mobile phone
  • Control from anywhere in the world
  • Simple programming interface
  • Extra security of your home

This new technology allows you to have centrally controlled server which by using WiFi light switches can individually control multi rooms. This intelligent, WiFi lighting control systems allow you to manage all of the lights in your home, giving you a total control from your mobile device. From turning all the lights off at once to creating an individual lighting sequence, fulfilling your personal requirements.

This is extremely useful when you need to set up your lighting to show occupancy simulation for added security. This means that when you’re away from home you can have a total control of your lighting. This technology also allows us to install movement sensors into corridors of your house, which triggers light sequences to suit your requirements. Just let us know your requirements and we’ll be happy to design your perfect solution to a real smart home.

App controlled WiFi light switch for Smart Homes.